Company Introduction

Our company was founded in 2015.Wireless audio and video transmission is our main technique, focusing on home entertainment, business meeting, and education market. How to increase home-life convenience, improve business efficiency, and popularize mobile-learning education is our main value, and we extend our brand by this core.

At the beginning of the company’s establishment, the company’s brand philosophy is “Innovative R&D, Customer Service”. It combines technology and customer needs to develop products that are most suitable for modern society, and is committed to establishing a good customer service system to directly cater to customer needs and timely respond to their questions. So that every product exported to the client can have good quality of use and perfect after-sales service.

Company Culture

Business Strategy

Outstanding technology of screen mirroring,to create a more convenient and user-friendly life.

  • Sales Channel: We sale at both domestic and international physical and online stores, and hope to establish long-term and stable relationship through business cooperation.

  • Customer Orientation: We have tracked customers usage about the products continuously to assist and improve them.And We also actively develop potential customer base for the purpose of sustainable business.

  • Self Brand: At present, we are actively promoting self-branding, seeking opportunities for exposure on major online-sales platforms, and participating in domestic and international exhibitions to promote our own brand.